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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Monday, July 14, 2008

Our friends from LOBH got the conversation with Jon on the Webcam Monday night!

06:54 switchfoot : hola all
06:54 switchfoot : this is jon
06:54 switchfoot : we're listening to chad's masterful art
06:54 Fiezchox : I loved Spring and Summer, Jon
06:54 switchfoot : thanks
06:55 jessica4jesus : jon, what is the guy in the orange's name?
06:56 switchfoot : so yes, the man in orange is shane wilson
06:56 switchfoot : the man who tracked our very first record
06:56 switchfoot : he's out here for a week
06:57 Chase8 : so how is recording goin so far for the switchfoot boys jon?
06:57 switchfoot : good so far
06:57 switchfoot : we're working on a track called "above the roar"
06:58 switchfoot : any questions for andy?
06:58 abbeyheartsf : new podcast when?
06:58 switchfoot : ...
06:58 WeAreOneTonight : podcast, mr barron?
06:59 switchfoot : and yes he's working on a new PC right now
06:59 switchfoot : PC = podcast
06:59 jessica4jesus : thumbs up!
06:59 switchfoot : that's andy's thumb
06:59 switchfoot : so limbs and branches is a record that's coming out in the fall
07:00 switchfoot : you guys are going to pick the tunes off of the EP's
07:00 switchfoot : and I'll add two more
07:00 switchfoot : it's for all the folks that have a hard time understanding EP's and want things in a more universal format
07:01 JeannaLOBH : Well I'll be buying it. How'd you come up with the title Jon?
07:01 switchfoot : it's part of me and part of the seasonal trees
07:01 switchfoot : oh, also,
07:01 switchfoot : the vinyl is done
07:02 switchfoot : andy = vinyl lover
07:02 sarahmetzgar : show this to andy >>>
07:02 switchfoot : he says:
07:02 switchfoot : I need to stop making stupid faces in pictures
07:03 switchfoot : the mural is from the stand up for kids auction
07:03 switchfoot : means a lot to us

THANKS Jeanna!!!


Jeanna said...

No problem! I also got the conversation between the fans and "bob" so I'll post that as well.

whazoole said...

hahah.. any questions for andy? new podcast when? dot dot dot..

Jake said...

Your new album comes out just after my birthday and I'm goin to a concert of your just before it. BALLER!

michael said...

hey its switchfoot_rocks1 from the sf boards. i just found this. thanks a ton for doing this because i have yet to catch the webcam when its on.